The Range The Bass

by Munie Hungry Neighborhood Rats

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Engineered, mixed and produced by Alex Laumeister at Boston University in April of 2012


released April 30, 2012

Connor Houle
Jonathan Hutchins
Robert Pironti
Zachary Hoyle
Kodiha Millette



all rights reserved


Munie Hungry Milford, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Shut Up!
I want to be alone

I want to go home

I want all of these things

But I don’t know what my future brings

Why don’t you come back when my robots in tact?

Why don’t you shut up while I fix this thing up?

(Constellations & Space Stations)

I am happy here

My future is extremely clear

I could remain floating

Living in outer space
Track Name: Lost In Space
Cruising to the beach in my Chevy ‘64

I don’t know what went wrong, but I have no doors

My engine is broke, and so am I

I went to my friend’s house, Frankensty

Where did you go?

I don’t know

You went on a distant spaceship to Mars

And now you’re lost

Lost in space
Track Name: Slime
A rattle snake trails at the end of the day

His body converges with the night

A bald eagle soars down, ensnares him from the sand

Exercising a rebellion, the rattle snake breaks free

A forgotten land, covered in sand

Under the ground, under the ground, Lost
Track Name: Instant Classic (Maxwell)
I woke up, the rain was gone

I love the sun so I wrote this song

The sun hits my eyes it’s a beautiful day

Hope to wake up tomorrow but I’m here to say

Thank you for waking me up (to see another day)

Now where’s my tambourine? (There’s my tambourine)

We’re here to thank you Cameron

For being in our band

You really helped us out man

You really lent us a hand

I hope you know that I love ya

I want to kiss and scrub ya

It’s time to shave that chin

Throw that dirt in the trash bin

Thank you for helping us out (We know you’re here to stay)

(Wouldn’t have it any other way)

There’s my tambourine! (That’s not your tambourine)

I’m sorry but I love this fucking song

Don’t you dare tell me that I’m wrong

I found your tambourine now we can sing along
Track Name: I Wish I Could Skate
The other day I saw my friends

On this new invention, it had wheels

And they were going so fast down the street

I said wait up I want to try

Too bad for me I fell down and cried

The video games make it look so easy

And my friends also do

But I know its no use

I wish I could skate

Unlike the rest my mom makes

Me wear the nerdiest things

Kids laugh and spit on me

I wish I could skate

I want to be cool

I wish I could skate

I want to drop out of school

I wish I could skate

But I guess it’s meant to be

Kids laugh and spit on me
Track Name: For Kids!
Bicycles, tricycles, skateboarding down my street

Clowns, parties, in my neighborhood

I know they’re scary but don’t let ‘em spook you

They’re good guys

You’re playing in the sandbox and you throw sand

In the girl’s eyes, she tells her mom

Cuff Gabriels, Curteous Guy, Ernest makes the band

Poppy Rironti, Charlie Cheesedog, Ernest makes the band

Kids pick their nose, they poop their pants, but we don’t care

Because they’re kids
Track Name: Girl's Got A Big Behind
That girl’s got a big behind

I can’t get that booty off of my mind

Drink it all in, lick it all up

Take that booty and put it in a cup

Two big buns staring up at me

I want to put a wiener in them sexually

I heard that girl is your average slut

I want to bounce a quarter off of that butt

(Took that girl out on my boat

And then I went and slit her throat

I took that girl out to the sea

And gave all the fishes a meal for free)
Track Name: Where's My Werewolf?
Brandon was my best friend

But then he turned into a werewolf

Staring up at the full moon sky

Watching him walk away could make me cry

Brandon went everywhere

Into the homes of every woman and man

Blood splattered everywhere

Into the mouths of every boy and girl

We’re all dead (Where’s my werewolf?)

Where’s my werewolf?
Track Name: Melt With You
I'll stop the world and melt with you
Track Name: All The Way In (1976)
The year is 1976 and you were

Wearing your bell bottoms I had my tie dye shirt on

My mom dropped me off in the bus loop hope I’m not late for my classes

Tripped on my way out and your boyfriend Brock stepped on my glasses

(Wish I could take you out I would want nothing more)

(Wish it was one year in the future I’d take you to go see Star Wars)

(But that’s just a dream)

It’s Friday night and I hope I’ll see you at Jenny’s house

I can picture you in the moonlight wearing that pretty floral blouse

Your drunken boyfriend makes a scene and he breaks up with you

Crying alone on the porch you need someone to talk to (And it’s me)

I’ll stay up late keeping you company like I said I would

We end up naked on your floor making love that feels so goddamn good

It’s 3a.m. but we don’t care, we’ll wake the whole damn neighborhood

I got to give you props girl you’re doing much better than I ever thought you could